Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Been A While!

Well it has been a while since I've updated everyone on the progress over at 40 M.  We have been very busy.  We now have the kitchen installed. 

The trim work is being installed as well.  The color of our trim blends in beautifully with the color of our cabinets.   I have painted almost every room in the house.  I have two additional coats of paint to go on upstairs and the hallway, laundry and living room to paint downstairs.  As soon as the painting and trim work is done we'll be able to get our flooring in and doors installed.  Oh and all the lights are hooked up too!  We can actually go over in the evening and have light in the house.  Very cool.

Here is a look at the eat in section of the kitchen.  The paint color is a light cream, soft and neutral.

This is the downstairs bathroom.  It gives a good sense of what the color is like.  Think coffee and cream.  It is very pretty and I can't wait to choose some photos to print and hand in each of the bathrooms.

Here is a look at the tub area of the upstairs bathroom.  The color is reading much lighter than it is in person. 

Can you believe that the bathroom even has a view of the ocean when the door is open?  

That's all for now.  I'll post better finished pics when the rooms are cleaned up.  So much work to do and so little time. 


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