Friday, March 25, 2011

Much Progress!

So much has been accomplished over the last few weeks!  The septic was inspected, the rough plumbing has been completed and will be inspected next Thursday.  The full bath downstairs has been framed and the tub is in place.  The egress window in the ocean side downstairs bedroom has been installed and the egress window in the other downstairs bedroom is on order due to arrive in the next week.   So as always photos have been taken of the process.  What do you think?

View from the neighborhood deck

The pile of dirt and debris was eventually sifted and sorted by R and taken to the dump!

Plumbing that leads out to the septic.  

R mixed and moved all of this cement to cover up the pipes and fix the floor.

Floor in process!

New septic covered!

Soon this will be a beautiful grassy yard!

Build up of dirt in order to deflect water from running down into the basement. 

Framed bathroom

Beautiful and bright front door!

Full downstairs bath.

Large egress window.  I'll get a better picture showing the view once the dumpster is gone.

R took down the block wall that once stood next to the fireplace! 

Hook up for the washer in our new laundry room.  It will be an actual finished room not stuck in the furnace room.

Lovely tub.

Beautiful pipes!

That space will house the new heating system, oil tank and water heater.  

Cold and Hot water!!!

Laundry room.

A larger view of the laundry room

Hopefully we'll get photos of the newly sided exterior this weekend. 



  1. Awesome you guys!!! What a transformation!!! I'll stay tuned for more developments. Lots of love,-Jim Mc.

  2. Thanks Jim! Can't wait for you to check it out in person.

  3. i can't believe what you have done. you are so brave to do this. Let me know if you need any help, really...nit just an offer, we want to help.
    are you in need of a 36 inch vanity top or a 30 inch vanity? both are in great condition and in our garage and waiting for a new home. They are yours if you need (want) them.

  4. Thanks Dee. I can't believe it either! I'll be posting photos with the siding up by the end of the weekend. I think that is going to make a huge difference. Thanks for the offer of the vanity. I'm not sure what sizes we need. Both tubs are white, and we have yet to pick out tile, but I'm thinking it will be in some sort of sandy tone. Thanks for the offer of help too! I have not been able to do much of the work up till now but as soon as the blueboard is up I'll be painting. How do you feel about painting and staining? :) I can't wait for you to come down and see it!

  5. Wow so it looks like you basically gutted the whole house--or just the downstairs? Lotta work huh? I thing the outside looks good already-cept for the lack of grass. Will there be an apartment downstairs?

  6. You got it Alana! We did gut the entire house. We've restored it back to a one family. It will be 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, eat in kitchen open to the living space. There will be an additional living space downstairs as well as a large laundry room and a separate utility room. It will be beautiful when it is completed. I'll let you know when we plan the party!