Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buttoned Up and Weather Tight!

So the biggest happening over the past week or so is that we now have siding on the house once again and a new roof.  It was a big expense but it had to be done.

An early before picture that shows the overgrown holly and the old dilapidated garden shed to the right!  Both are gone now leaving a clean slate ready for plantings and patios!

Another early before, showing two of the trees that Mum planted years ago. In order to fix the drainage and driveway these trees had to come down.  Sad but we'll bring in other plantings.  

Ready for Siding

The Work Begins

One Side Down!
Siding Through the Trees

Looking Good

We decided to use vinyl all the way down the ocean side of the house.  

Here you can see the siding as well as the new windows.

The new slider for downstairs is waiting to be installed, but not until all the work is done down there!

Next weekend we'll be painting the chimney.  That will make a huge difference.

Soon we'll have new stairs to go with the new door and siding.  Our heating man will be taking away the oil tank that resides under those stairs and a layer of concrete!

Not bad!

Here I am so happy to be able to open the windows!  Dad would be thrilled!  (Mum too)


  1. I've just come to this blog for the first time today and spent a LONG time, starting at the very beginning and working my way over.

    What a wonderful job you folks have done! Have you decided what to do yet? Whether you will, in fact, sell it? or will this become your new home?

    I enjoyed watching the evolution of the kitchen design, and I think the final version is the best -- and making your own door pulls is a GREAT idea. I wouldn't think it would be too hard, actually. What fun!

    Many blessings on hands that do this labor!

  2. Thank you Alicia. This has truly been a labor of love! Such a transformative experience. There are too many memories for me and too little space for our family to actually move into the home, although we have been tempted. We are fairly certain that we will hold on to this home and rent it out. We have yet to decide if we will rent it seasonally or year round. So many decisions. I will continue to photograph and document the experience.

    Peace to you my friend.