Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cleaning Up

Well last week I spent time over at 40 M cleaning the first floor.  All the supplies are now stored in the master bedroom closet and the main living space is clear and clean with the exception of a couple of bags of construction waste that needs to go to the dump.  I'm especially pleased with the fact that the fireplace and hearth are now clear of all the random debris that had been accumulating there over the last several months.  Mum would be proud.  She always liked that area to be neat and tidy.

Fireplace in Living Room

Looking into kitchen area from living room.

Upstairs full bath

This week we are using the new shop vac to pick up all the debris that has settled into the nooks and crannies.  The heating is going in and should be finished by Monday.  We are also moving forward with drylock painting the chimney as well as the cement block on the northern side of the house.  Next week we'll use some heavy duty cleaning products to strip off 30 years of grime from the fireplace walls.  

Soon the electric and downstairs framing will be completed.  Continued forward progress is what we are working towards.  


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