Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Progress Yet Again!

Well for the past month things at 40 M had stalled.  We were under the assumption that we needed to get a rough framing inspection before moving forward with the insulation.  In order to get the inspection we needed to re build the front deck and steps going into the house.  This small project ended up taking on a life of it's own.  Three carpenters later and we now have stairs and a way to get into the house.



So here comes the comical part of this story.  Once the deck was 95% finished we called the town to schedule our inspection.  It turns out that when the inspector came to just check things out in February he put us in the computer as passed move on to insulation!  Can you believe it?   We could have been done with everything had we know we had the green light!  Oh well everything happens for a reason.

This week the insulation has been installed by a professional insulation company.  Tomorrow will be their third and last day working on the insulation.  We went over to check out the new updates and were amazed.  The house now has some interior structure.  It is no longer an open shell.  I am beyond thrilled with this new progress.  R will be calling tomorrow for our insulation inspection and we could very possibly have real walls up and plastered by the end of next week.  Yippee!!!!!

Here is what the insulation looks like right now.
Kitchen & Front Door

Eat In Area of Kitchen

Ceiling in Living Room

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom in Basement

Second Bedroom in Basement

Third Bedroom w/Ocean Views


Large Closet in Living Room



It's all very exciting.  Looking forward to choosing paint colors and getting to work.


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