Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well we are starting to talk more about design choices for 40 M.  We have gone with a medium to dark tone of cherry in the cabinets and are trying to figure out flooring color as well as woodwork color.  We've been thinking light for the floor in bamboo wood.  I like the idea of bamboo for several reasons including the reasonable cost, sustainability/green aspects  and the general aesthetics of the product.  Now my question is do we match the woodwork to the natural color of the floor or do we go with the darker cherry of the kitchen cabinets.  We will also have to decide what to do about the doors.  I'm hoping for solid wood six panel doors, but they will have to be stained and protected.

Here is the color I'd like to try to go with for the flooring.

The color of the cabinets is Kingsbridge Cabernet.

Here are a couple of ideas for moulding that will go around the windows and doors.  I want to keep it fairly simple for several reasons.  This is a modest home on the beach so simple would be in keeping with the original flavor of the house .  Simple is also cost effective.  I have to keep the budget in mind at all times.  

So these are the decisions I'll be working on over the upcoming week.  If you have any thoughts please leave a comment.  I love hearing other peoples thoughts. 


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