Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well this past week we were supposed to have all the upstairs windows and both sliding glass doors delivered.  With the crazy weather I was unsure if they would actually make it to the house.  J was there on Thursday when the truck arrived to help with the delivery and inspect the merchandise.  Well there was a slight problem.  It seemed that the truck was packed incorrectly.  The order that was in front of all of our pieces had actually been cancelled by the buyer.  It was a 80 some odd piece order that could not be moved in order to deliver our windows.  So after all of that the truck that drove all the way from Connecticut to deliver our windows had to turn around and leave with our order!  Well as you can imagine R was a little fit to be tied.  J was great.  He reassured R that everything happens for a reason and not to worry the window will be back.  It seems to me that J was right.  Had the windows been delivered the two of them would be there this very second installing windows in the bitter cold.  As it stands they should be delivered next Thursday and hopefully by next weekend we will have a bit of a thaw and the windows will be easier to install.

Today we went over to 40 M and took some pictures of the progress this week.  J outlined the bathroom for us; giving us a better idea where the vanity will fit as well as where we will frame the window.

 He also found a difference in the floor/ceiling height in the kitchen so he is working to rectify that in order to have a better fit for our cabinets.

 Another joist was installed over the fireplace and the sheathing was all secured into place including sheathing on the ocean side of the house.  

The three windows on the ocean side of the master are also all framed out and ready to go.  It will be a beautiful master bedroom.

We did have some trouble with the plans for the kitchen.  The original design posted here is lovely but R does not like the proximity of the oven and fridge.  We are trying to work with the designer to come  up with some other options.  After spending a couple of hours over at 40 M today I'm thinking that perhaps we should re think the peninsula.   While the peninsula gives us more cabinet space and counter top it impacts the open feel that we are looking for in the home.   What do you all think?  Is the counter top/cabinet space worth losing some of that open feel?  I'm just not sure.


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