Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest Version

So yesterday n and I created paper templates of all the pieces in the kitchen and R and I went over and I taped them down as he worked on filling the latest dumpster!  The plan as we see it now is you step into the kitchen and there is a wall to the left.  The wall will be the depth of the fridge.  Moving the fridge to this spot enables us to have more working counter in the rest of the kitchen.  Check out these photos and see what you think.  I'll meet with the designer tomorrow at noon and try to hammer out prices and logistics of this layout.

Best Look

I think the two photos directly above give you the best depiction of the kitchen.  So you can see the fridge in the front of the photo, against the wall you'll see the dishwasher and sink.  A section of drawers will be between the fridge and the dishwasher and a corner cabinet will be in the far corner.  In the middle of the wall that borders the bathroom you'll see the oven and to the right of the oven we are hoping for another corner cabinet and a breakfast bar.  The wall to the right of the bar will come down to enable seating for three.  As soon as I get the professional rendering I'll post it here.


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