Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Floor

A lot has been done over the last week inside the first floor!  It is starting to look like the beginnings of a real home.  The layout will be a little different than my childhood home.  The two bedrooms on the first floor have been combined into one large master bedroom.  The bathroom is still in the same position but it is a little bit bigger.  A window will be added in the bathroom next week.  There will be a full wall partition in the living room as well as a closet over the stairs.  It's a little difficult to put down into words.  As the building continues over the next week it will all become more clear.  Here are a few pictures for now.

looking into what will be the kitchen

another look at what will be the kitchen

looking into the bathroom

tub with linen closet to the left

master bedroom from ocean wall 

master closet to left with window centered in wall

master closet (hope it's big enough)

wall framed for stairs closet will be to right of wall

looking down pseudo hall

looking out to kitchen and dining area to left

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