Saturday, January 8, 2011

Painting...My Forte!

Well I love painting.  Usually I paint inside but we are not there yet!  Fortunately for me there was exterior painting to be done.  The cement brick foundation was in dire need of paint.  We purchased some heavy duty paint called drylock that is meant to seal the porous surface of the cement block.  n and I spent an entire day in late November painting the cement block.  We were able to finish 3/4's of the job.  We have one more wall that will have to be painted in the spring.  If you go back a few posts you will see how dirty and drab the cement looked.  It think you'll notice the difference.  You'll also be able to see that we removed two trees from the front of the house.  Most likely the third will come down in the spring as we have drainage issues and will need to regrade the front of the house.

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