Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Windows

So we ordered the window in early December.  They should be here in another week or so, hopefully.  We decided to have J frame everything out in the meantime.  In order to do this the siding had to come down.  So R was given a beautiful day, heaven sent in my opinion, last weekend and took down the siding on two sides of the house.  We are trying to do just bit by bit.  After beginning the work this week J realized that the exterior walls that should be plywood or osb or some other hard type construction material are actually made out of gypsum board.  If I'm not mistaken gypsum board is the precursor to sheetrock and blue board. So today R went over on another beautiful day that was originally forecast to be snowy and cold and took down all the shingles.  Now 40 M is stripped down almost to it's bare bones.

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